Demonstration of creation of flight plan using map
Demonstration of filling flight plan form
Demonstration of flight plans list
Demonstration of creating views for setting the airspace usage regime
Demonstration of checking possibility of UAV flight

Creating a flight plan using the map

The system provides a convenient and intuitive web interface for creating routes of any complexity using interactive drawing tools
on the map. During the planning process,
the map displays all the necessary aeronautical information.

Filling out the flight plan form using the web form

The system allows you to create a flight plan of any complexity using a web form, providing maximum control over the data entered.
Powerful autofill, validation,
and cross-validation tools simplify the input process and minimize errors.

Register of IVP plans

The system allows you to track the current
status of your flight plans in real time.
The registry provides the user with extensive sorting, filtering, and search capabilities.

Creating views for setting the IVP modes

The system provides a user-friendly and
intuitive web interface for submitting
submissions on the establishment of air space use modes. The process of entering the constraint geometry is made as simple as possible by using powerful interactive drawing tools on the map.

Checking the possibility of UAV flight

Any user of the system can perform an operational check of the flight capability of an unmanned aircraft weighing up to 30 kg at a given point.